23 May 2007 19:09 by DVDBack23

Sony has signed a four yeal contract with VoIP company BT that would bring video and voice calls as well as messaging to Sony's handheld, the PSP.

Using BT's technology, PSP users will be able to communicate using wireless internet for now. The companies say they are working on PC, mobile phone, and fixed line integration for the future.

"The PSP is an excellent device for both gaming and communications because of its high quality screen and audio capabilities," offered Steve Andrews, chief of mobility and convergence for BT.

"With over 8 million PSPs shipped across Europe, we are very excited by the opportunity to give customers a whole new communications experience, connecting and seeing friends across the world through BT's technology."

Sony also added that the service will begin in the UK, and then move to other regions.

"The opportunity to combine our market leading expertise with BT's knowledge in communications opens up many possibilities and we look forward to bringing many exciting functions to PSP fans," commented David Reeves, president of Sony Europe.