CBT Nuggets VBScript to Windows PowerShel | ISO | 765 MB
Genre: Video Training
English PowerShell is the all-in-one Engine for Windows Servers and Administering applications. If you're a Windows Administrator accustomed to using VBScript and Want to Quickly Migrate your skills and techniques INTO the Powerful World of Windows PowerShell, this is the Training for you! Don Jones Shows you How to leverage your existing Quickly VBScript skills and start working in PowerShell. As you learn new Variations on your existing VBScript techniques, you'll be working faster and efficiently More . By the time you're done watching, you'll be Able to do Anything in PowerShell That Could you alone in VBScript. Contents: On The Job Training Series - VBScript to PowerShell
Windows PowerShell Overview
Objects and their Members
Using PowerShell's Help
Variables, Arrays, Dictionaries, Operartors, Quotes, and Escaping
Managing Files and Folders
Working with WMI and Active Directory
Scripts and Functions
Advanced Scripting Techniques
The PowerShell Way to Write Functions
Understanding Scope
Error Trapping and Handling
Regular Expressions
Functions, Scripts, and Scope
Shell Security
VBScript to PowerShell Language Cross-Reference
Using COM Objects
Graphical Scripts Moving from HTAs
The War on Scripting

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