Double Vanish
You make a pencil and a coin vanish.

Misdirection and timing.

1. Show a coin on your left palm, which you hold at waist level. Show a pencil which you hold at the eraser end by your right hand.

2. Close your left hand. Tell your spectator that you are going to make the coin vanish.

3. Tap your left hand by the pencil once per second, and counting out loudly as you shout: "1...2..." The third time you lift the pencil, tuck it behind your ear. (Similar to "A Complete Coin Vanish") And then bring your empty hand down to the coin and say"...3!!!"

4. Open your right hand wide and tell your spectator that you messed it up and made the pencil vanish instead. Turn your whole body sideways and show that the pencil is behind your ear. Everybody will see the pencil and laugh

5. Now that the crowd is focusing on your head, you have a few seconds to drop the coin (hidden by your body from the crowd) into your left pocket.

6. Turn back to the position at the beginning, keeping your left hand closed. Take the pencil from your ear, tell your spectator that it was just a joke.

7. Now tap your closed left hand three times with the pencil, just like you did in the first time. on the third, open your hand to show your left hand empty. The coin vanished!