Once during the gulf war, the President of USA, and the Prime
Ministers of
>UK and Singapore were travelling on a warship that was cruising near
>The 3 were talking about how brave their soldiers were; their
>soon turned into an argument where each wanted to prove the bravery of
>own soldiers.
>The Pres. of USA said, "let me show u what is guts", where upon he
>his Colonel and said "Jump into the sea and swim 3 rounds around this
>ship!". The Colonel replied "Anything for Uncle Sam, Sir", jumped
into the
>shark infested sea and swam 3 rounds around the ship, with the sharks
>chasing him like mad! After the successful
>3 rounds, the Colonel came up to the deck and said, "I did it for
Uncle Sam
>Mr. President!". The proud US President replied "That's what I call
>The Prime Minister of UK was pissed. He had to show. He called his
>3-star General and said "General, jump into the sea and swim 10 rounds
>around This ship!". The General replied "Anything for the Queen, Sir",
>jumped into the shark infested sea and swam 10 rounds around the
>the sharks chasing him like gila!(lunatic). After the successful 10
>the 3-star General came up to the deck and said, "Long Live the
>The proud UK PM replied "That's what I call guts!"
>The Prime Minister of Singapore cannot tahan. He had to show that his
>soldiers have it too. He called one of his Private, Ah Beng and said
>"Soldier, jump into the sea and swim 50 rounds around this ship!". The
>Private replied "Oi, you siao(crazy) izzit? I juz bought my condo and
I Am
>paying through my nose. Now, U want me to jump and die? If u want to
>lian (show off), you jump into the sea yourself ! ()&*( #@% .
>Singapore PM grinned and said "Now,that's what I call guts!"