ARIES. There could be a certain degree of personal suffering which is necessary to undergo in order to achieve further spiritual development. It should be regarded as a warning signal and treated accordingly. Your problems are of your own making and could have been avoided if only you had paid a little more attention to detail. Plan well ahead to avoid possible disappointment.

TAURUS. This is a year for tying up loose ends and successfully completing any matters in hand which need to be finalized. This is a time to put your life in order, ready for a new and exciting phase to begin. Travel is also quite possible especially for pleasure. You will need to be relaxed and refreshed in order to face the next challenge life has in store for you.

GEMINI. This is likely a period of good fortune, fulfillment and possible travel. Many good opportunities for personal advancement should arise, which will make the immediate future appear more hopeful, secure and happy than it has done for some considerable time. You should be encouraged to broaden your horizons and look at life, and what it has to offer, from a wider viewpoint than you have previously done. A new lease of life should be yours with sufficient energy to accomplish everything that you desire.

CANCER. This is a transition period from one state of development to another. This is a time to forget the past and wipe the slate clean again, ready for a fresh phase. You should make an attempt to tidy up all those loose ends, terminate any relationships which have become stale and unfulfilling and put your affairs in order generally. It could even prove beneficial to change job if yours offers few, if any, prospects for the future. Then sit back and wait for the arrival of the next stage in your development.

LEO. This could be a period when legal matters could be the focus of your attention. It could quite simply be the reading of a will or some rather complicated conveyancing on a property deal. A very testing and challenging period for you from all points of vie when you will certainly need to have your wits about you if you are to emerge from it unbeaten and unscathed. Be prepared for quick decisions brought about by unexpected events.

VIRGO. Some minor problems arising could so easily be avoided with a little forward planning. This is not a period when any major steps forward can be made. It is a time to collect your thoughts and to become aware of yourself and of your inner feelings. Cooperate more with those around you and try to become one of a team working together towards a common goal. Lean to be more tactful and to think before you speak; it could save a great deal of unpleasantness and embarrassment at a later date. Remember too that if you want to keep a secret you must never tell anyone no matter how sympathetic or trustworthy their outward appearance may be!

LIBRA. Your affairs are likely to take a turn for the better and this beneficial upswing is likely to be caused by events over which you have no personal control. Destiny is a strange process and sometimes takes quite a while to manifest itself fully. Luck will be very much with you during this year and any speculative ventures you become involved in stand a very fair chance of paying dividends. A problem which has been worrying you for some time could also be solved through a rather strange set of circumstances. This is generally a very remunerative period for anyone as it is the time to reap the rewards, so rightly deserved for past efforts.

SCORPIO. You could possibly gain more personal freedom and escape from the restrictions previously imposed upon your movements. You could, however, just as easily, become tied down by personal problems and feel trapped and bound by obligations. Tiredness and strain due to overwork should be guarded against during this phase of your life and if making long-term plans try to allow for the unforeseen by adding a few extra days or cents to your calculations.

SAGITTARIUS. This indicates a waiting period which should allow you sufficient time to see matters in perspective – as they really are and not just how they seem to be at a quick glance. Something which has been going badly for you could start to improve, and so on. However, there is usually a price to be paid for most things in life and you may have to make a few voluntary sacrifices in order to gain other advantages later in life. The balance has to be maintained!

CAPRICORN. A great deal of movement – people entering/leaving your circle of friends, and a number of short journeys – perhaps even a few trips abroad. Financial dealings are also well aspected. Exciting sexual encounters are quite likely to occur!

AQUARIUS. This is a year of “awakening” when new plans and ambitions can be put into action. However, everything may not run quite so smoothly as you could wish and the odd delay or hindrance is only to be expected. You should be able to achieve a great deal of your life but your real reward will be the pleasure of accomplishing rather than a monetary one. If your health has previously been causing you some concern it should improve and you look all set to enjoy a new lease of life.

PISCES. You will be in a position to gain further knowledge through experience. Now is the time to use your creative energy to the full and to build yourself a reputation for being a conscientious person who can produce results. You should also gain materially from your efforts if you are prepared to shoulder extra responsibilities ad to tackle any obstacles you may find in your path. A new relationship, which could in time become permanent, seems likely during this year.