This life is a journey. A journey that is too often perceived as trivial, fun, interesting or nice. But the truth is that every single word we speak, every move we make, every step we take, is being recorded and will one day be placed before us as a written record; the book of our life.

Perhaps therefore some of the modern day slogans that we see written on t- shirts, bumper stickers or on coffee mugs are our biggest enemies; lies that have been invented to feed our natural instinct of apathy and nudge us a little further in the realm of desires and nothingness, where lie drunken misery, despondent youth and neglected and misused children.

Slogans like 'just do it!'… 'don't worry, be happy' or 'she'll be right mate.'

Urging us to follow our desires and inclinations to worldly pleasures, while disregarding the consequences, and bulldozing our way through life, oblivious of the harm that springs from our tongues, our hands and our greed and selfishness. Like a pebble falling into a pond, the ripples continue to move affecting all around, so do our actions, words and the power of our existence. Indeed any good is from Allah and evil arises from the depths of our stupidity and negligence.

How is it that the human race can watch 'real' pictures of human suffering, injustice, death and oppression and continue to sit and watch, sip their coffee, reach for another cookie and stretch out saying, 'how hot it is today, isn't it?' 'Could you just run up to the shop and get me a candy bar'….What is the difference between apathetic watchers of television and the Romans who used to party on down at the theatre, watching the good, the innocent, fed to the wild beasts. The only difference maybe is that they wouldn't have been eating a Big Mac.

Is it mankind, who has become the beasts, devouring the good wherever it is found, discarding morality, belying truth and ignoring the Creator or all that exists. Has the human race become a mass of beasts, of barbarians disguised as simple minded consumers that live for the next 'sale' at the local department store?

How is it that the human hearts have died? Religion is served on a platter for everyone to take their pick, while being told that, 'all is true' 'all is good' 'no one has the monopoly on truth' (pssst truth doesn't exist, this is all a game, go on and choose the one you like the best. Now what about that one….) Under the arches of multiculturalism lie the remnants of religions that have been sponged up and dropped into the melting pot. All the religions have dissolved, except one. The true one. Islam. It remains as a thorn in the side of those who seek to monopolize the world and use its masses as consumer slaves. They do not realize that Islam belongs to Allah, and He will protect it. They are simply wasting their time.

Despite all that the allies of evil may do to try to downplay the existence of good and evil and the consequences of each, those people throughout the world, who sincerely seek to know the 'truth' recognizing that it does exist, it must exist - or else we do not exist - will be guided by Allah. Through the maze of life they will be guided until they arrive at the threshold of 'truth' where they stand to accept or reject it and reap the 'consequences of whichever they choose. For yes, we are free to choose. Free to turn to Allah, and obey Him or disregard Him and His laws, and thence free to reap what we have sown. For surely we sow , never are we stagnant - indeed stagnation is an illusion -either we are moving upwards to success or downwards to destruction and misery. The truth of these words are found in all around us; in the lives of mankind as they turn upon each other.

Allah, the Almighty says in Sura Al-Balad,

"Verily, We have created man in toil.
Thinks he that none can overcome him?
He says (boastfully): "I have wasted wealth in abundance!"
Thinks he that none sees him?
Have We not made for him a pair of eyes?
And a tongue and a pair of lips?
And shown him the two ways (good and evil)?
But he has made no effort to pass on the path that is steep…"

baca dan tulun terang kan kat aku ble tak