This popular Build-It-Yourself (BIY) PC book covers everything you wantto know about building your own system: Planning and picking out theright components, step-by-step instructions for assembling your perfectPC, and an insightful discussion of why you'd want to do it in thefirst place. Most big brand computers from HP, Dell and others uselower-quality components so they can meet their aggressive pricingtargets. But component manufacturers also make high-quality parts thatyou can either purchase directly, or obtain through distributors andresellers. Consumers and corporations alike are opting to build ratherthan buy PCs to ensure high quality and compatibility.

The new edition of Building the Perfect PC shows you how to construct avariety of top-flight systems with the latest technology, including AMDSocket AM-2 and Intel Core 2 processors, that are Vista- andLinux-ready. The book includes several new options, including:

* A Budget PC you can build for approximately $350 that offersperformance and reliability similar to that of mainstream systems
* A full-blown media-center system that runs Linux and MythTV or Windows MCE with multiple tuners and HDTV support
* A fire-breathing high-performance gaming system
* A fast, low-power, low-heat, low-noise, Small Form Factor system (the size of a shoe box)
* A low-cost SOHO (small office, home office) server system with a 2terabyte (2,000 GB) disk subsystem that's suitable for a residentialenvironment rather than a server closet

Regardless of your technical experience, Building the Perfect PC willguide you through the entire process of building or upgrading your owncomputer. You'll use the latest top-quality components, includingIntel's Core 2 Duo and AMD's Athlon X2 CPUs. And you'll know exactlywhat's under the hood and how to fix or upgrade your PC, should thatbecome necessary. Not only is the process fun, but the result is oftenless expensive and always better quality and far more satisfying thananything you could buy off the shelf.
TITLE : Building the Perfect PC, Second Edition [ILLUSTRATED] (Paperback)
AUTHOR : by Barbara Fritchman Thompson, Robert Bruce Thompson
PUBLISHER : O'Reilly Media publisher
ISBN : 0596526865
PUB DATE : December 22, 2006
LANGUAGE : English
SIZE : 17.9 MB